The Camaldoli Sacred Hermitage

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Camaldoli Hermitage


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Camaldoli Monastery

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Sanctuary of La Verna

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romanesque churches in Casentino

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The Camaldoli Hermitage: spirituality between the nature of the Park

Eremo di Camaldoli, le celle dei monaciCamaldoli Hermitage is located at the height of 1100 meters, and it is at a very short distance from the Tosco-Romagnolo Apennines ridge. This sacred place, which carries over one thousand years of history, can be reached through several roads: the one that begins at Badia Prataglia, suggested for those who come from Romagna through the Mandrioli Pass; while, the one that, still on the Mandrioli road, starts turning left after a few kilometers passed Partina, is suggested for those tourists that are from either Arezzo or Bibbiena; lastly, if coming from around Poppi, it is possible to take the road that passes by Maggiona, or, if coming from the High Casentino, you can take the one that goes from Pratovecchio to Lonnano and then keeps going towards Camaldoli.
Each one of these roads has something in common; a superb and wonderful nature that goes with it. In fact, Camaldoli Hermitage could be considered the hearth of the National Park of Casentino forests, Falterona Mountain and Campigna.Eremo di Camaldoli, vista con neve It is, in the first place, synonymous of faith and spirituality, but also of fine figurative art, architectures, and a breath-taking nature, where it is possible to either test yourself with fascinating and tiring excursions, or just enjoy light and relaxing walks.
This place was funded in 1012 by San Romualdo, and it is to be considered one of the most important hermitages not only for what regards Tuscany, but also for the entire country of Italy. Camaldoli monks were able to give it such a strong and precise identity that it became a key point for religious tourism.
The images of this section, with accurate and complete descriptions, will be able to introduce you to this charming place of faith, art and nature, and also guide you through it. They will show you the secret areas of Camaldoli Sacred Hermitage, meaning those areas you can access only for specific reasons, such as studying reasons. This should not take away the possibility for the common tourist to experience the charm and beauty of these areas is a realization of:
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