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Castles in Casentino

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Folklore, festivals, events in Casentino

Program events in Casentino The Casentino, the first valley of the Arno, has an ancient history and can show fascinating evidence dating back to the Etruscan civilization. The historical moment, however, that made this land known is the Middle Ages. In this period the famous castles of the Casentino were built, the beautiful Romanesque churches, the suggestive monasteries. World famous personalities such as Guido Monaco, San Francesco and Dante Alighieri knew this land. The centuries have not managed to erase such an important and fascinating past. Thus, today, events are held in Casentino that refer to its medieval history and you have characters mentioned above.
Another folkloristic aspect of the valley are the many festivals organized in the summer period dedicated to local products and dishes of the typical cuisine. Among the latter are the potato tortelli, the scottiglia (mixed meat soup cooked in a very spicy broth) and the tortello alla lastra. Festive moments that generally combine the pleasure of cooking with the lightheartedness of folk dances. A particular mention is due to the festivals dedicated to chestnuts, a product that for centuries has represented the bread of all those people who lived in the mountain villages of this area.
Other events are related to crafts, which have always been a cornerstone of the Casentino economy. Concerts in CasentinoThe wood, stone and iron sectors have always been of particular importance. Speaking of this last element, the international wrought iron exhibition that takes place in Stia every two years is worth mentioning.
The aspect of culture and entertainment is the reason for other beautiful and interesting events. Exhibitions of various types, meetings and conferences are organized by associations and public bodies. The same goes for the concerts that enliven many Casentino summer evenings. In this regard it is worth mentioning NATURALLY PIANO, a great musical event lasting a few days held every two years. The logistical core of this event are the streets and squares of Pratovecchio, but it also extends to the neighboring villages. Speaking of meetings, conferences and concerts, the intense activity carried out by the Fraternity of Romena and the Giuseppe and Adele Baracchi Foundation should be noted.

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