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The Casentino, a territory of eastern Tuscany, is marked by the course of the Arno which has its source on Mount Falterona, in the northern part of this valley which is enclosed by the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and two of its buttresses: the Pratomagno massif and the Alpe di Catenaia. With these geographical characteristics, it is clear that the Casentino is within a large green lung represented by thousands of hectares of woods.Trekking in Casentino, Tuscany In this natural environment there is a grid made up of hundreds of kilometers of paths able to satisfy every desire for trekking or relaxing walks.
The valley floor, crossed by the Arno and many of its tributaries, is mainly agricultural land. This determines a great change of colors over the seasons. This beautiful choreography is crossed by many paths where you can take pleasant walks. Among these are the cycle and pedestrian paths that flank the course of the Arno, the Archiano stream (towards Camaldoli) and the Teggina stream (towards Pratomagno). These paths give the opportunity to move between the characteristic villages of the valley, almost all of medieval origin.
Another reason makes it interesting to walk in this Tuscan land. In the Middle Ages, between the early years of the 1000s and the beginning of the 14th century, the Casentino area met world famous personalities: Guido Monaco (inventor of musical notation), San Francesco, Dante Alighieri. It is possible to hypothesize, with limited possibility of error, on which paths these great figures have moved. Walking in their footsteps will certainly be a thing of great charm.
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Trekking itineraries in the National Park of the Casentino Forests

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Trekking itineraries in the Pratomagno massif

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